4ft XW Leashes were $55.00 Now under $30

XW leashes -snaps can be changed

XW Metallic Leashes 36in was $45, 30"Were $40 

XW leashes -snaps can be changed

XW 18in Peviously $35

18-20in Leashes $10 ea.Snaps can be changed

20-24 in XW Leashes were $35 

$11 XW Leashes Free Snap Change

Below are pictures of how to measure for a martingale leash, no matter what size.

The collar of the martingale is measured from ear to ear under the chin.  The rings are included in the length.

Ranger is my model, I have the collar rings ending at the back of his ears and leaving 3-4 inches between the rings for stretching room. Make sure if using a tape measure to keep it snug under the chin.

Look at all the colors that are available in these XW martingale leashes!!  The color is perfect, the price can't be beat.

I can't afford to drop the price any lower for these great leashes.  The amount of leather that these take is double of any other leash.  These leashes take 7 and 1/2 - 8 feet of leather to make them.  The leash plus the collar and some dogs are huge with 20 - 24 inch necks.

Just telling you so you are aware that these are well made leashes that will be with your dog all their lives.

Thanks for looking

Peter & Cathy

Martingale Leashes XW. 40% off the NORMAL $65 that I charged when coming to shows.  Get them now 'cause when they are gone, you will only see them as special orders.

4ft XW Martingale Was $65 Now 40% + Offf
Collar size ring to ring
4ft XW HotPink/Metallic Martingale Orphans
Collar Size, ring to ring.
4 ft XW was $65, Sale 40% off
Collar size ring to ring.
XW Chocolate Martingale Leashes
Collar size ring to ring
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Collar Size ring to ring.