Wholesale orders currently are handled via email, I send out a paypal invoice when ready to ship.

Choose any combination of leather products within these pages with the following amounts you get the discount listed.

(more options will be coming)

Be sure to email me with the color combinations that you want.  Haven't figured out yet how to do this in Paypal.  We'll get there.    Cathy

Prices 3/8 in wide 25% off
Prices 1/2 in wide

These discounts are available to  anyone who purchases these amounts.

Please be sure to email me with your order including: 

type of product: leash, collar, coupler, etc

Length of product  18" - 6'

weight of product, XW, Standard, Medium, Lightweight, Ultralight

Colors of product to be braided or flat color

Hardware wanted along with color of hardware

We appreciate 2 weeks notice but try to get them out ASAP.

At the 50% mark (100 leashes) we will have to add on another 2 weeks.

Prices 3/4 in wide