Standard Snap or Slip. 

Two pieces of leather that are the same weight and width.  It is the strongest weight in 1/2" for a medium to large dog

I have a couple of pieces of Sand and Cream.  Please tell me what you want to order in what width and I will see if I have it.

Not Available:Gold, Cream, Chocolate

These colors are the only ones used in this leash.  This is our heaviest 1/2" width.  It has held a 225 lb New Foundland Puppy in Obedience Class, she wasn't very obedient, she bent the standard size brass snap.  The leather was fine.

Leash Length
Color 1
Color 2
Slip Leash?
Extras (ring in handle? etc)

The Snap below is the standard snap that we use on these leashes.  The brass will not break but if you have a puppy over 200 lbs it can bend.  Other dogs under 200#'s have not bent it. 

EXTRA Long Leashes 

How we make Extra Long leashes

This leather is cut the length of the hide. Each 6' leash has to have 7' of leather so that there is a handle available along with the parts braided on the top and the bottom.

We get very few 7' pieces in a hide.  We also have to trim away the bad parts of the ends. 

Even more rare do we get an 8' piece like with a 7' leash 

No way will we get an 11 foot or even a 10' piece so we have to splice it together somehow. That's where the ring  happens.

Leash Length
Color 1
Color 2
Hardware color