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Pre Made 1/2" wide Metallic & Tobacco 4' long Martingale Leashes

These Leashes are dominate Tobacco with any color Metallic secondary, all Martingale.  Collar size is 10 inches.  Loop size is 12 inches so will fit a dog with a head of 21 inches, the slide takes up an inch.

Pre Made 3/4" wide Metallic & Tobacco 4' Long Martingale Leashes 65% off

These are the same beautifully made quality of leashes that you saw when I was on the road.  Peter has a great work ethic. and makes each leash with care.

We can no longer hope to get back on the road, coming to shows, so that's why these pre made leashes are on sale.  

4 ft medium Metallic Colors
4 ft XW Metallic Colors