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Pre Made 1/2" wide medium 4' long Metallic Martingale Leashes

 Metallic Leashes are also broken down into color.  This first page is any color that is not black or tobacco. 45% off

No special orders at this price.  If there is a color you want that is not in this group, you need to order it at the regular cost as we would have to take the time to make it special for you.

65% off Normal price ($65)                  $22.75

PreMade XW Metallic Martingale Leashes. 4' Long 3/4" wide 

Neck Size is 12" and Loop Is 14" so the overall head size can be larger

4 ft medium Metallic Colors

, turquoise/ ice pink, hot pink/ice pink,green/apricot,.

3/4 XW Metallic Colors