Above is a sample of our Regular Buckle for buckle collars.  It is available in Brass and Chrome Coated Brass for a silver finish.

Above is a Chain QR.  So Far it comes in silver only. It comes in 3" for smaller dogs and 4" for medium dogs.  They only come in silver. We also can get a larger chain in 5 to 6" for larger dogs.

Leather can also be used in Martingales in the place of chains.

 I'm still looking for Brass although it will be a more expensive collar as brass is not cheap these days.


To the right is a swivel which is used in some leashes; especially if it's connected to a dog that loves to spin.  

This is one of those extras that you tell me you want.  I usually insert it just a few inches above the snap, or if in a martingale leash it would be just above the loop.

 Above is a sample of a Metal Quick release buckle, or QR.  It comes in all sizes from 1/2" to 3/4"  Some colors are available silver, brass and black.

This is used in our QR collars and also Martingale Collars that go around the neck.

We have plastic QR too, in 3/8" and 1/2".

It is recommended for little dogs or for tag collars.  It is not a "breakaway" quick release but can break on larger dogs if they get caught on something.

The 3/8" is used on bracelets and tag holders.


 These 3 snaps to the right make up our most used bolt snaps.  Small, (for little dogs OR obedience leashes for any size) medium goes on medium sized leashes & standard goes on the 1/2" buffalo bullhide leashes.  Don't be afraid using the smaller snaps on the larger dogs.  These are very strong as they are solid brass..

 The two snaps above are what we use on XW leashes for VERY large dogs.  They are each over 3" long and one is solid brass and the one on the right is stainless steel.

 The middle two snaps below can be used on the XW Leashes, either flat or braided.  Their bases are wide enough for the 3/4" leather

The snap on the left side is a normal sized medium snap but with a longer shaft.  If you have a larger hand it's nice to be able to grasp the snap completely without worry of opening the bolt.

The snap on the far right is a Trigger Snap.  It is easy to open for older people with painful hands. I don't recommend it for dogs that pull as it has a weaker opening and I've been told that it has opened unexpectedly with large dogs that pull.