All Collars normally $16 are now $12.  The sizes are listed either in the drop down box or at top of dropdown. Hardware cannot be changed on these collars as it would take too much time.   These collars can be shortened.

These collars are QR Martingale Collars. All With leather loops. In the first picture there are multiple sizes so I am posting what size they are in the drop down. Also noting if silver or brass.

Normally $16 I am dropping them to$12 each.  Shipping will be low.

Length, All Leather $12
Length 16 in, All Leather $12
Length 17 in, All Leather $12
QR Martingale All Leather $12
QR Martingale All Leather $12

XW QR Collars, these can be shortened, QR can be changed out for different size or color.  I can even change these into QR Martingale collars.  I'm willing to help you all get the collar that you want.  These are XW.

14 in to 18 in XW QR Collars
XW QR Metallic Buckles