BIG SALE up to 50% off

These are pre-made LEASHES. Never been used.  Sorted as Widths, go to each page listed below Percy;s picture.  When you get to each page you can see the pictures for that size then just use the drop down arrow to view others in the list. 

I've left the XL on this page for now.

XL 18 & 24 in are normally $35 and I've dropped the price to $18 on any of them.  The 30in XW normally at $40.

TL on first three ultralight in drop down means THUMB LOOP.  It is a half size handle for showing confirmation.

If you want a different snap on any of these, just let us know and we will change them. 

SS means stainless steel, Silver means it's a brass snap that is coated with usually chrome. XL is our largest snaps both of brass and SS.  They will ship the next business day after purchase, so do any changes quickly... texting is best 931-704-2987 Cathy.

With the pictures below you can see what you want, then go to the list to the right with the buttons and choose what it is.

If a leash is NOT listed that means it's sold.

see picture at each page listed ABOVE


Above is XW short leashes, black/pumpkin, tobacco/pumpkin, black/metallic green, black/royal blue metallic, black/red metallic, hot pink/bronze, purple/metallic hot pink, purple/bronze, tobacco/hot pink - snaps can be changed free.


Above $18 Purple/Turquoise,  Tobacco/Purple, Black/Turquoise,  Black/Red. Black/Purple, Black/Mellow Royal, Tobacco/Mellow Pink.

Above 2ft and 18in $18 Hot Pink/Bronze, Green/Hot Pink Met, Black/Red Met, Black/Red Met w/logo, Tobacco/Hot Pink Met, Sand/Green Met, Sand/hot pink met, Sand/Royal blue met