-$30 and Up

These are pre-made LEASHES. Sorted as Widths, Use the drop down arrow to view others in the list. The first thing you'll see is the length of that widths.

We are hoping you find the discounts attractive.  The price is lower so that we can move them along  SHIPPING is .50 on these so with the lower price you're getting a great discount.

If you want a different snap on any of these, just let us know and we will change them.  They will ship the next business day after purchase, so do any changes quickly... texting is best 931-704-2987 Cathy.

Sometimes Peter will be not paying complete attention when he fills an order; and the leash may be a little long or not long enough.  He listens to Audible a lot.

Sometimes the person just never pays up so these are orphaned leashes. Once in awhile I'll make a mistake and make the wrong weight!!  There are many lengths listed. There's nothing wrong with them except that.  

With the pictures below you can see what you're getting, then go to the list to the right with the buttons and choose what it is.

Lightweight, Length, color, hardware
Length, Colors, Hardware
4'Extra Wide Color/Hardware

Lightweight Leashes

  1. Red/red metallic
  2. red/apricot metallic
  3. sold
  4. tobacco/dk green metallic
  5. tobacco/apricot metallic
  6. turquoise/gold metallic
  7. sold
  8. purple/black
  9. green/red metallic
  10. hotpink/metallic hot pink
  11. black/turquoise
  12. tobacco/metallic dk green

Ultralight Leashes 

  1. Purple/bronze metallic
  2. Gray/silver
  3. black/cork
  4. chocolate/apricot
  5. red/gold metallic
  6. black/hot pink met
  7. pink/purple met
  8. tobacco/gold met
  9. purple/gray
  10. mellow blue/silver

Medium Leashes

  1. Tobacco/Bronze metallic
  2. Mellow PINK/metallic Gold
  3. Tobacco/Metallic Royal Blue
  4. Black/Metallic Hot Pink
  5. Black/Metallic Copper
  6. sold
  7. Purple/Mellow Emerald
  8. Black/Metallic Purple
  9. Black/Metallic Lime
  10. Black/Metallic Turquoise