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Ltwt Buckle collars
Ltwt Buckle collars

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LTWT Non-metallic+Metallic Buckles
LTWT Metallic Buckles
ORPHANED  MediumBuckle Collars  1/2" with Harness type Buckles
14-16 Metallic Buckle Collars
Sizes 14-16 Metallic Buckle Collars
12-14 in buckle Collars
Sizes 14-16 Metallic Buckle Collars

1/2" Medium Non Metallic Collars.... $11 each

Non Metallic Buckles Medium
non metallic buckle collars
non metallic buckle collars
3. Metallic Collars
3. Metallic Collars

2 each of these sizes with these colors

Black/Hot Pink Metallic Collars
various sizes Metallic Collars

More 1/2" medium non Metallic Collars  $11 each

Medium buckle collars varied length
# 5 of Non Metallic Braided Collars

Next Section is XW Buckle Collars.  I am going to post  all of them but I will group them in Metallic and non Metallic

XW Metallic Collars for Bigger Dogs
XW Non-Metallic Buckles

Lightweight collars, The price on 12" or less are $8, the Larger sizes are $9.

Lightweight long collars
Lightweight under 12" collars