original price for 4 foot martingales was $55 for lightweight/medium/and standard.  Most of these are marked down at least 40% some are 45% or even 50%.  You may find one or two that are 35% but go through the drop down boxes and see what is waiting for you.

These are all martingale leashes 4' long, you choose the collar size  There are some of these that are 50% off.  You'll never see that again.

Martingale Lt & Med Leashes
Collar size you need.

Both Tobacco/hot pink metallic are gone.

Below pictures are in above drop down.

4' Martingale Leashes.
Collar size you need.

Picture below shows leashes in above drop down.

Both Turquoise/ice pink are gone.

1 black/avocado is left.