Lightweight Leashes

These leashes are 3/8" wide, they make great obedience and rally leashes.   The choices of color combinations are almost endless.

Scroll Down for xtra long leashes.

Out of Stock Bullhide: Gold, Cream, Aqua


Two Redwoods one with purple and other black.

How we make Extra Long leashes

This leather is cut the length of the hide. Each 6' leash has to have 7' of leather so that there is a handle available along with the parts braided on the top and the bottom.

We get very few 7' pieces in a hide.  We also have to trim away the bad parts of the edges. 
Even more rare do we get an 8' piece like with a 7' leash 

No way will we get an 11 foot or even a 10' piece so we have to splice it together somehow. That's where the square ring comes in. It allows us to put two pieces together.   

This loop will be the proper size to fit the leather.  It will be as small as possible.

Leash Length
Color 1
Color 2
Hardware color
Lightweight Lengths over 6'
Color 1
Color 2
Hardware size and color

The colors below and the metallic colors are shown in the drop down box as Color 2.  They cannot  be Color 1 in this configuration. 


The small snap works great on these leashes.  If you have arthritis, you can choose the medium snap and it will be easier for you.