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We have 6 different types of collars, they all have their own reasons for being.   Buckle, Slip, Martingales, Snap Slip, Quick Release Buckle  Collar Pictures Below

HOW TO MEASURE:  For collars around the neck, Put one finger UNDER the snug (not tight) tape measure. Please measure around the middle of the neck.  When you get the collar it will ride high on the neck until it stretches which can be up to 2".

For collars going over the head, measure at the largest point of the head in front of the ears.  Due to the stretch, you want to be sure to have it snug, then add 1/2" to the total.

Each section listed above is like the leashes, they are made with different types of leather that allows a thicker of thinner leather in 1/2" wide.  We also have lightweight collars of many types that are 3/8" wide in the lightweight section.  The colors are more limited but are great for "Tag collars" on larger dogs or on the little ones (under 15 lbs) work well in all situations.

The XW collars 3/4" are sometimes slightly higher due to the price of the hardware.  Remember we try to use only Brass and Chrome covered brass when possible, we also use stainless steel on some of the rings.

Buckles Below, belt type and Quick Release. 

To the right are 0-rings and chains.  Any collar over 13" will use a 4" chain, 13" & below a 3" chain. 

Snaps are used on some collars called Snap Slip 

If you measure another leather collar, make sure that it is not loose around the neck.  

Each Leather Collar will stretch.  Just like a pair of leather shoes, they feel better after you wear them for awhile, but then they get too big!!  

That's leather for you!!