Peter will be going in for back surgery on Friday the 18th.   Prayers are appreciated.

I will be taking over the making of leashes in the meantime.

Yes he will be out of commission for a few days but we are hopeful he has a speedy recovery.

This will be an invasive surgery as one of his disks deteriorated so badly that the stuff in the center has puffed out, pressing on a ligament.  So the surgeon will open up his back and repair that part.  But once that's done the pain he has been feeling in his legs will be gone and he'll only have to recover from the incision.

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We have worked on leather leashes and collars for over 15 years now.  We use top quality leather and the hardware is solid brass (silver is chrome coated brass) or stainless steel.  Both of us being perfectionists means that the leashes are the best.  The smell of the leather permeates our house.  

Our reputation is very important to us, we are here to please our customers.

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