We have worked on leather leashes and collars for over 16 years now.  We use top quality leather and the hardware is solid brass (silver is chrome coated brass) or stainless steel.  Both of us being perfectionists means that the leashes are the best.  The smell of the leather permeates our house.  

Our reputation is very important to us, we are here to please our customers.

Peter is doing much better after this last operation.  It has taken him longer to recover from it, probably due to it being so close to the last operation.  He is getting better this time.  So he's had to hold off on working as long as we'd like him to due to not being able to bend over the table, but it's happening.  Thanks to all for the prayers and patience.  I know we're a little late getting some orders out but we're not giving up and he is going to get better.

NEW!!  we have gotten some black hardware.  I will post pictures of what we have and please understand that most of this is powder coated on zinc.  We are searching for more,  if you're interested let us know. 
We can't guarantee it not to break (take care with the big dogs especially if they are yanker's or lungers)  choose the brass and stainless steel.  

More leashes have been posted under orphan leashes.  Please take the time to check them out.

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