Peter is home recovering, the surgery was successful but since it was a large incision it will take time for him to heal. Prayers are appreciated.

Peter is walking again, albeit slowly and with a limp.  But he made it to the mailbox today without even a cane.  Yeah, PTL

He is getting back to working on the leather but has to watch how long he sits.  It will get more every day, but he is supposed to walk each day too.

Thanks to all who have put up with the slowness of the shipping due to my ineffectiveness of making up for what Peter does.  He's a big part of this business and I cannot replace him, We're partners for sure.

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We have worked on leather leashes and collars for over 15 years now.  We use top quality leather and the hardware is solid brass (silver is chrome coated brass) or stainless steel.  Both of us being perfectionists means that the leashes are the best.  The smell of the leather permeates our house.  

Our reputation is very important to us, we are here to please our customers.

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